"to actively seek, create, or create experiences"

"love of laughter"

"to choose how I live & behave, or help others do likewise"


What does this mean for planning?

Fun experiences need to be a non-negotiable in your schedule. Do not feel guilty about this.

Time for this needs to be one of the first things you schedule into your planner.

You might be thinking, "what planner?!" I get it. You're probably not the typical organized, planner user. Flying by the seat of your pants is more fun and leads to many adventures I'm sure.

A little planning can lead to MORE adventure though. Trust me.

Keep your planning sessions short.

Identify the top 3 priorities of your week so you can be flexible but still make progress in the most important areas.


Similar values: curiosity, fun, humor, freedom, trying new things, body movement/physical health.


Want to see this in action? I'll email you a video to show you how I practically live this out in my planner. Be sure to open the email I just sent you.


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