"to be genuine, real, true to myself"

"to champion a way of life, even if it may mean putting my own life at risk"

"to choose how I live and behave, or help others do likewise"

"to uphold justice & fairness"


What does this mean for planning?

A lack of planning and goal setting can be holding you back from the next level of effectiveness.

Avoid being trapped in a pattern of reacting and try to put flexible boundaries in your schedule that encourage you to be more proactive.

If a rigid schedule makes you feel itchy, try timeblocking. That could be one way to help you to focus on the big, important things for a short period of time and provide freedom to do what you like outside of that.

Having a goal and a plan broken down into very actionable steps makes it easy to keep taking the next step. The amount of progress you'll be able to make can lead to a very sizable impact towards what you're pursuing.


Similar values: Authentic, faith/risk/vision, freedom, honesty, autonomy, justice.


Want to see this in action? I'll email you a video to show you how I practically live this out in my planner. Be sure to open the email I just sent you.


What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most: it's structured enough for you to open your planner, plan what's necessary, record progress, and move on. No need to spend hours in your planner filling it out. It's set up for you to use what you need and then go live it out.