"to be curious, open-minded and interested"

"to explore and discover"

"figuring out and analyzing new tools that may be used to solve problems"

"the intense pursuit and discovery of truth or new ideas"


What does this mean for planning?

Margin is your friend. Give yourself time to go down the rabbit hole sometimes. It brings you peace of mind.

Create a budget item for investing in courses, coaches, classes, etc.

Make time for reading.

As a lifelong learner, you'll do all these things anyway, so if you plan for them it will serve the other people in your life. Instead of letting a new topic of interest spill over into the nooks and crannies of your life, give them a place so that outside of them you're more present and focused on the people around you.


Similar values: curiosity, wisdom, technology, analyzing


Want to see this in action? I'll email you a video to show you how I practically live this out in my planner. Be sure to open the email I just sent you.


What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most: the video tutorials (a whole library of them!), a place to record books you want to read, and the opportunity to learn a new system of time management and goal setting that you may not have known before.