2023 Sol Planner

$65.00 From $20.00

I know what I need to do each day.

When I first started using the Sol Planner it made realize that there's no way I could accomplish what I *felt* I should be able to do. There's just not that much time in a day. A lot of guilt was released when I started planning my days with the Sol Planner.

-Angie P.

Full page spread weekly view with unique vertical columns.

Half-hour time slots begin at 6am and end at 10pm.

Full page spread month view at the beginning of each month.

Major US holidays included.

Full color on EVERY page.

Beautiful, thoughtful, professional design.

Durable gold metal spiral binding, easy to open & close.

Every planner comes with THREE snap-in bookmarks.

Every month has a different color scheme.

Weekly brain dump page.

Space for meal planning weekly.

Sections for notes throughout, as well as a separate tabbed section for notes.

Intentional (but unobtrusive) teaching/accountability throughout to ensure you are growing and making the most of your days/weeks.

Large planner

8x10 in

2.9 lbs

available in 3 cover colors

available in Sunday or Monday start versions

Small planner

7x9 in

2.6 lbs

available in 3 cover colors

only available in Sunday start version

Yes. Orders of 12+ receive a 20% discount and a free group goal setting session with me.

$65 is more than what you’ll spend at Target, that's for sure. But literally, this is $1.25/week. Your cold brew costs more than that and although it too has a high impact on your morning productivity, I promise it can’t do for you all your Sol Planner will do.

It will absolutely feel like a high level, keepsake-quality, durable tool. 

The pages are thick, it can handle your fun & colorful inkjoy pens. 

The pages won’t rip when a prospect calls you back and wants to book a phone call with you and you have to furiously flip through the pages to the correct date. 

The cover won’t fall off, the corners won’t bend or get smooshed. You can spill salsa on the cover when having your afternoon snack and easily wipe it off.

AND THERE IS NO OTHER FULLY FUNCTIONAL GOAL PLANNER THAT’S FULL COLOR. I’ve searched, I’ve peeked, I’ve purchased. The pretty ones are useless if you’re actually working and scheduling real life things. The best ones are completely black and white (I get it, it’s way more cost effective that way). But YOU will have both. Along with being durable, if you’re going to look at something every day, week after week, shouldn’t it be beautiful?

First, ask yourself how often you carry your planner around. Every day? Once a week? Does it sit open on your desk most often and rarely carried? 

Then, prioritize what’s most important TO YOU. This will depend on how you use your planner. 

🌼Do you love stickers and colorful markers because it’s a therapeutic outlet? You might want more space. 

🌼Do you want to keep it in your bag at all times so it’s always nearby and easy to look at every day (habit stacking)? You might want to save a couple inches in your bag. 

🌼Maybe you’re like me and the answer is both. I love stickers, I have gigantic handwriting, and I want to bring it with me everywhere. So I got this incredible leather tote that my planner fits beautifully in, along with my laptop, pens, stickers, wallet, all the things. I’ve used it heavily for two years and there’s not a single sign of wear or tear on it.

Also, do you have a lot of other notebooks, binders, folders, journals? You might find that you can get rid of a lot of those other things because the Sol Planner can hold it for you instead. To me it’s worth having a slightly bigger planner (that’s durable) in order to carry less notebooks and have all the tools I need in one place to have a big year of growth.

This is my first year offering both Sunday and Monday start versions.

I'm a very small new-ish business so I'm limited in my resources.

I was only able to offer the Monday start in one size and the larger size is the best selling size.

Next year I hope to be able to offer both.