Renew Summit Group Registration

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Who is this event for?             

This retreat is for women who have a vision or a dream that they'd like to pursue. You might be in the middle of building a business or starting a ministry or just dreaming. If you feel a tugging on your heart to start something new or grow something bigger or pivot into a new adventure, let's get together and step towards that vision. 

If that's you and you're not sure what that next step looks like...
If you already have an organization and are not sure what direction to take it next...
If you're a woman in ministry who is looking for community with other female leaders...
If you're running a business from home, figuring everything out on your own and just need some encouragement...
If you just have a dream in your heart to accomplish something...

We invite you to COME.

Come worship with us, come fellowship with other women who want to grow, and come learn from other women who have experience and want to bless you with things they've learned along the way. We cannot wait to get to know more about you and your story.

What can I expect?

  • An impactful day of worship
  • Teachings/Trainings
  • Intentional time to connect with others. We have done a lot of research about what makes an event most impactful and this is the part that will be different from other events.
  • A nature walk with time to reflect.
  • Coffee and snacks will provided upon arrival. Lunch will also be provided.

Renew Summit Schedule: 9/15/18



9:40am-Worship (Mallory Headings)

10:15am-General Session #1 (Allison Davis)

10:45am-Connecting and Reflecting

11:00am-General Session #2 (Dr. Jane Goleman)

11:30am-Breakout Class #1 (Sarah Light/Allison Davis/Dr. Jane Goleman/Another person)


1:30pm-Breakout Class #2 (Sarah Light/Allison Davis/Dr. Jane Goleman/Another person)

2:30pm- Worship (Mallory Headings)

2:45pm-Q&A Panel

3:15pm-Worship (Mallory Headings)

3:25pm-Closing Session (Allison Davis)

Location: WW Knight Nature Preserve