"to be energized by accomplishing something noteworthy and admirable"

"giving your best effort to advance and improve"

"driven and determined"

"accepting challenges and achieving results"


What does this mean for planning?


You probably know a thing or two about planning.


Here's the biggest thing you can do to multiply the results you're seeing in your efforts: Break down your goals into realllly small action steps.


I know this is hard because you like to go big but this will allow you to see (and feel) PROGRESS towards your achievements. And THAT is one of the most motivating feelings for a human being.


It will protect you from burnout.


It will motivate you to keep going.


It will show you what's working.


It will allow you to keep moving forward during the most difficult seasons.


If you don't feel a little silly writing it down, it's not small enough.


Try it!


Similar values: competition, growth/improvement, hard work, endurance


What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most:

The places to break down your goal every month AND every week as well as the goal setting guide at the beginning of the planner.