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Helping you schedule your week so you honor your top priorities.

Use this planner as a tool to support you in identifying your priorities and holding you accountable to live them out.

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  • Small Business Owners

    The unique demands of a busy female entrepreneur requires her to have a place to prioritize ALL the things.

  • Students

    Balance class, work, internships, (oh and your social life!) with the half hour time blocks so you don't miss a thing as you make your mark in the real world.

  • Anyone With a Goal

    Make your vision a reality with the goal setting sections and accountability provided throughout the planner.

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The second edition of the Sol Planner is now available to order! This fall we hit our pre-order goal and our big order of planners just arrived so now they are shipping out right away! No more waiting :)

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This planner seriously makes my life easier!

Before using the Sol Planner my biggest frustration was MEAL planning! I’d write down my meals on my grocery list but then throw the list away and forget what meals I had planned for the week. I love the looking ahead section because I always have my meals listed there- and it makes meal planning later easier because i can browse through those lists quickly.


I am much more productive and focused with my time.

This is the FIRST planner I've found that has fit all my needs. Not just a calendar, or just a notebook. It's the perfect union of both to make time management and task completing fun, practical and creative.


It's so beautiful!

The Sol Planner has been my best friend throughout nursing school, planning my wedding and also working! 

Before using the Sol Planner I always had a bunch of stuff in my planner but not everything would always get done all the time, whereas with the Sol Planner, I write down my top 3 priorities every week (BEST. THING. EVER.) Also, I love how B E A U T I F U L my Sol Planner is.

My favorite part has to be the large monthly view at the start of each month! I love seeing everything all at once ++ it makes scheduling appointments, work and school things so much easier when I can see the big picture! 


I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the planner!

Administration and organization are a serious struggle for me. I tend to have papers and note cards stacked everywhere with information on them. This planner has a place for everything I need. Even a place for things I didn't even realize I needed :)
The dream to make this and the process to see it come to fruition had to be a labor of love. It truly is a gift!

-personal note from Missy

The Sol Planner is my jam.

This beautiful planner has really guided me and has helped me stay ahead of the game. The top 10% plan their day!