Get the ONLY full color planner that breaks down your goals into doable, daily tasks with the...


(without overwhelm or wondering, “what should I focus on today?”) 

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"I now have clarity on what my most important priorities are in the day. And I'm confident in those priorities even if they aren't someone else's priorities. It's an absolute beautiful resource for organizing your daily tasks and schedule as well as a guide to living out your top priorities & values."  

Amber O., Colorado

If you could succeed in your industry this year WHILE having a fulfilling & rewarding personal life, knowing exactly what to focus on each day to grow & see progress on your goals…

...would you give yourself that opportunity?

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Or would you continue to...

⚠️ run through each day without a second to spare

⚠️ stay stuck in fear mode, not knowing what it feels like to make or reach a goal

⚠️ put out all the fires, reacting to distractions day after day

⚠️ stay at the surface, never willing to dive below the surface and see what’s possible

If you’re ready to let those old ways go, then keep reading...

The Sol Planner can teach you a life-giving way to focus on what matters and not only help you make progress on your business goals, but also illuminate how to grow in those vague/abstract/can’t-really-put-my-finger-on-it, personal areas too.


Designed as a planner for those who want to reach big goals.

Better than stickers and pens together, you're perfect for the Sol Planner if this is you:


The unique demands of a busy entrepreneur requires you to prioritize & plan strategically. You need a place to hold all the ideas. Plus you're often running a business and a home, plan to succeed in both. 


You don't have to be running a business to be goal-oriented. If you have a dream, this planner will be your tool to make progress on your goals as well as grow in personal areas as well.


Running a home isn't too different from running a business. Although the Sol Planner is created with business owners in mind, there are many homeschooling mamas, homesteaders, and moms of busy families that use this planner as a tool to grow intentionally and lead their family.

Hi, I'm Sarah Light.

Former leader in the direct sales industry, 

mom to five young kids, 

wife to Young Life staff guy Chris Light. 


Lover of outside adventures & gardening, 

follower of Jesus, happy when I'm reading a book, 

and fiercely focused on

helping women accomplish their goals. 


I 100% believe that it’s possible

without sacrificing your core values.

Real talk: Your best is not going to just happen.

It takes intention, it takes some time to think about how you’re going to spend your time and who you’re going to spend your time with.

Each day we have the opportunity to live out our deepest values and to pour into the people that matter most to us.

Yet in reality, most of us spend our days running around, responding to crises, putting out fires, and either ignoring, or at best forgetting, to get back with the people that matter to us. Why does someone at work or a loud acquaintance get the best pieces of us every day?

That’s what I’m here for and that’s why I made the Sol Planner…

To help you make super SIMPLE, intentional choices with the time you have every day.

If you’re ready to crush your goals this year and ALSO enjoy guilt-free down time…

...then I can’t wait for you to open your very own 2023 Sol Planner. 

From the moment you open the custom designed box, you will be delighted.

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I'm ready to focus & give my best!

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