For you if you’re ready to break down your goals into crystal clear steps

so you know exactly what to do - each day - to take action.



Sarah Light

“This past year has been absolute insanity and things have really piled up and gotten out of control. But now I know how to see when things are going to be crazy and I know I can only work on one small thing that week.

I feel so freaking good about this month and I can now break down the rest of my goals. This was super helpful for me.

-Laura K





It’s beautiful. You love the braindump page, the colors, and the way it helps you track your goals.


In fact, it's the only planner you’ve stuck with for over a year.


But you feel like you’re not using it to its full potential.


You find yourself writing the same thing in your planner every week & never getting to cross it off, hoping a new color gel pen will magically make it happen for real this week.


You’ve got the right planner, and now you’re wanting to take things to the next level, to be confident that what you spend your time doing today is *exactly* what you should be doing to reach your goals.


This is exactly why I created this program.

To take your Sol Planner to the next level.


Inside the Frazzled to Focused program you’ll learn how to successfully plan your work & your personal life without guilt, brilliantly knowing how to break down your goals and feeling like a rockstar for reaching them.

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It Wasn’t Always This Way For Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Light…

Two months ago I just had my fifth baby and have learned some things over the years.


Like how to pump and drive at the same time (it’s all about the right bra),
get out of making dinner on Fridays (why else was movie/pizza invented?),
how to get the post office to come pick up my outgoing packages for free instead of me hauling them there (notes and treats to your postal carrier help but you can also just schedule it on the website). 


You’re actually probably not interested in THAT type of information, but whether you have no kids, 1 kid, or 12 kids, it seems we all have a limit of what we can handle and life gives us a load that is just beyond that limit.


No matter how big your family is, or how many jobs you’re working, that has nothing to do with how good you are at managing your time.


The answer is how focused you’re willing to become.


What does focus look like for me? I’m a mom of 5 living in a college town who is able to homeschool, cook most meals at home, run a business, support a local ministry by having lots of teenagers in my home, work PT outside the home (until recently), and each day my husband still looks forward to coming home from work and walking through the front door.


Today I’m clear on my vision, my values, and I have an instinct for what things in my schedule are aligned with the life I want to build and which things are not.

But it wasn’t always this way.


For many years I had an unhealthy pattern of start and stop, all or nothing. When things were going well I worked hard but when things were tough I buried my head in the sand.

I was also very unclear on what I should be doing everyday, so I inevitably always completed the easier tasks on my list and left the harder (usually more important) tasks for later.

I was checking things off my to do list everyday, but not getting anywhere.

I was thinking about my business all the time, worrying about it, and wondering what next month was going to look like.


But, like in most cases, when you get frustrated enough, you make a change. I began to read book after book about how top leaders plan their day, I started listening to anything I could find on HOW to figure out & focus on what's most important, I participated in top notch courses, and I noticed a trend.


I actually started DOING less. I tracked only the most important things. There were many things I stopped doing even though "that's the way we've always done it."


Instead of start and stop, I embraced slow and steady and made significant progress towards my goals that compounded over time.


I no longer felt guilty for not doing the important things because I was able to follow through and do them. This brought a deep sense of integrity.


Five years ago I created a paper planner that reflected what I had learned and have been able to help thousands of other women learn to structure their days in the same way and have watched them rise to leadership levels as well.


The planner is step 1.

This program is step 2.


I noticed as I started to teach through workshops, group goal setting sessions and even some live events, that when women (especially those who were already using the Sol Planner) heard the thoughts behind the planner design and had a space to ask questions and get help breaking down their own goals in their planner, they felt way more confident in what they were doing each day and saw an increase in the progress they were making on their goals.


Combining my experience as a mompreneur and planner creator, I’m taking on a handful of Sol Sisters to help you bring your Sol Planner to life and take your goals to the next level.

You could be one of them.

I've booked more new clients so far in 2023 than any other year (I've had my freelance writing business for five years). This is the most rapid growth I've seen in a quarter!

-Melissa M.


Become a Yoda-like MASTER at breaking down your goals so you always know exactly how your to-do list today impacts the progress you want to make towards your goals.

>>If you’re a leader of a team, just think how this will benefit them too. You’ll be able to coach THEM on how to break down their goals.

Know and be so undeniably committed to your values that MrBeast himself couldn’t convince you to spend your time on anything that would distract you from them.

Create routines & habits that will build you a solid foundation of integrity and accelerate your progress towards your goals.

>>And know how to connect these to your values to uncover whether you need a walk first thing in the morning or if making the bed is your never-not-do task.

Discover strategies to fight distractions without having to hit the ignore button on your screen time app over and over.

Always know what opportunities are a “yes” or a “no” and the language to use when saying no is hard.

Commit to a form of accountability that not only works for you but isn’t awkward.

Here’s the 5 Steps You’ll Take To Break Down
Your Goals into Crystal Clear Next Steps

Enter The G.O.A.L.S Framework:

Click each letter to learn more.


Become a master at breaking down your goals so you know exactly what to do each day to produce results and build a rewarding life.


Learn how to identify what opportunities to say no to and how to say no without feeling guilty.

Learn what habits would serve you right now and how to track them.


In order to be productive and effective with your time, no matter what your goals are, it’s absolutely necessary to manage where your attention and energy are going. Eliminate distractions and learn important entrepreneurial skills like batching and timeblocking (skills helpful not just for work).


Set and live out your top priorities. Learn how to schedule margin and leave room for rest and the things that bring you joy.


Extroverts and introverts alike need help along the way. Our culture prizes independence and individuality but here you’re going to learn how to ask for help, how to find a mentor, and what accountability looks like so you not only become successful, but that success is sustained long term.

What You Get

Live Interactive Sessions

Each week we’ll gather together virtually for a time of teaching, breakout sessions, and implementation (taking immediate action will be a big part of this program!).


Goal Setting Hot Seats

Each week on our live sessions I’ll break down someone’s goal live. Over and over again I hear how helpful it is to hear someone else break down their goal. You’ll also get the opportunity for feedback on your own goals during breakout sessions.


Beautifully Designed Workbook

In true Sol Planner fashion, you’ll receive a printable/fillable workbook that’s extremely practical but also lovely to look at. Trackers, templates, checklists, and resource list.


Structured for you to become an Action-Taker

Weekly action items that will challenge you to take the next step on what you’re learning (small enough that you can take the first step right away).

Plus a catch-up week in case you get behind (this is what creating margin looks like, something we’ll be talking about).

Challenge Week

We’ll end the program with a challenge week where we’ll set up our planners for the rest of 2023 and make sure you enter the fall with insane clarity on how you want to live and work.


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Enroll by June 20th and get these EXTRA BONUSES…

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Questions You Might Be Wondering…

What if I can’t attend live?

Each session will be recorded so you can go back and listen again or catch the replay if you’re on vacay one week. Our live sessions will be on these dates from 2-4pm:

June 29 - Workbook available (start pre-work)
July 6 - Session 1 (welcome call)
July 13 - Session 2
July 20 - Session 3
July 27 - NO SESSION (catch-up week)
Aug 3 - Session 4
Aug 10 - Session 5
Aug 17 - Session 6
Aug 24 - NO SESSION (Challenge week, office hours only)
Aug 31 - Closing Session

How much time do I need to participate?

Since our schedules are typically lighter in the summer, this is the perfect time to reflect on the first half of the year and get things ready for the fall and final quarter of the year. That said, I get that it’s summer and routines are unsexy in the summer.

Our live sessions will be 2 hours long. The action items for each week will be up to you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING. You decide what you need most and choose those action items. There will also be time built in for catching up and/or reflecting.

Do I need to have a Sol Planner to enroll?

Yes. I will be assuming you know the basics of goal setting (able to work through the goal setting guide at the front of the Sol Planner). We will not be covering topics like goals being measurable, specific, time bound, etc. We’ll be jumping right into higher level topics like the bigger purpose of your goal and how to break your goals down strategically.

Many of the strategies you’ll learn will have you using your Sol Planner.

Since we’re Sol Sisters,
allow me to get realllly honest for a moment.


Frazzled, hurried, reaction-mode is the status quo and how most people live. This is "normal."

But it is NOT healthy, sustainable, or beneficial to you OR the people in your life. It keeps you from making an impact in your work and in your home. And I suspect that these are not the footsteps you want anyone to follow you in.

The most successful people who make an impact knew what was important, persevered through hard seasons, and were unapologetic about what they let go of.

Reaching for big goals and committing to seeing results in areas of your life where you need to grow takes courage and perseverance. You will need to change, take action outside your comfort zone, and fight your excuses. 

This is best done in community and with a guide.

If you know it’s time for this personal growth and you want to start seeing bigger results from what you spend your time on, or you want to set yourself up for a slammin 3rd & 4th quarter…

…then I want to invite you to go on this journey with me. I want to help you take action on the right things and to feel confident on how you’re handling the 24 hours given to you every day.

Ready to be one of the women inside this program and be transformed into the best, most focused version of yourself?

Learning how to list the right things I need to get done each day has helped me not lay awake at night and constantly list everything in my head.

Erin G.