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What to do with your goals after the first quarter.

What to do with your goals after the first quarter.

updated April 1, 2022

What to do with your goals after the first quarter.

I’d be lying if I didn’t share that sometimes there’s some overwhelm when I think about all my goals at once.

STEP 1: Go back and take a peek at your annual goals (page 13 in the 2022 Sol Planner).

Haven’t written any goals this year yet? Have no fear, you get to start fresh. Click here to download an annual goal setting sheet.

A fresh Life Overview/Goal Review page is there for you on page 90 of the 2022 Sol Planner. I started you off with an easy step because this next one is the hardest. Sorry.

STEP 2: Choose 1 personal area and 1 work/school area to focus on for the next quarter.

Yes I said 1. You can get into some sneaky bad habits that destroy your physical and mental health if you don’t be careful. You. Can’t. Do. Everything. So stop it! Pick just 1.

I just did this myself and not gonna lie, my pits are a little sweaty. I had to prioritize one goal over another one and it forced me to decide what’s most important. This will help me on the weeks when there’s barely enough time to get one thing done.

These questions might help you narrow it down:

  • Which areas are most in line with my values?
  • Are there any goals from Quarter 1 that need to be extended to quarter 2?
  • Which area am I most excited to work on?
  • Which goals make most sense to work on during this specific timeframe (April-June)?

Once you’ve chosen your areas of focus, take a huge sigh of relief. Seriously that was the hardest part. Now you’re ready to break them down for the quarter.

STEP 3: Write your goals for your chosen areas on the top of your Q2 goal review page and break each goal into month-sized objectives..

(this is page 90 in the 2022 Sol Planner). If you don’t have a Sol Planner and want a pretty page to write this down on, click here to print this page and follow along.

Don’t overthink it. What progress do you want to make each month?

A lot of people stop here because you might think you’re done. However we have one more step to go and this is where the magic is. I wish we could always jump right to this step but it’s only magical when you do the work in the previous steps.

STEP 4: Next we need to break down your monthly objective to weekly actions.
(you can do this right on the same page).

If you’re clear on what needs to happen each week to bring progress towards your goals, imagine how effective you’ll be with your time. If you've followed the guidelines of the Sol Planner goal setting guide (found in the beginning of your planner or go here to download), then you know you’re putting in effort towards important and meaningful goals that are in line with your values. What better way to spend your time??

If you’re not clear on the progress you want to make THIS coming week, go back and break things down a little smaller until you’re crystal clear.

What’s something you can go do RIGHT NOW towards that progress? Go. Do. It.

your sol sister,

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