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2021 sol planners for entrepreneurs

Why the name "Sol?"

I think when you’re naming something special that’s yours, your first thought is to somehow include your name. You want it to represent you. Growing up I could always imagine myself having a shop called “Sarah’s Sweets” or something (I always go to alliteration too, why?!).

So when it came time to name my new planner business, all brainstorming started with the word “light” since that’s my last name. How could I NOT use that?! Any time I was on a team, or leading a group, I ALWAYS wanted to come up with something clever that had the word light. For many years I tried to come up with something. I got nothing. I had no good ideas. Even though there are many Bible verses & beautiful quotes that speak of light, nothing felt right and none of them seemed to fit with time, planning, numbering your days, or prioritizing.

Then I thought about the source of light. The SUN! The sun circles the whole earth, the sun marks the beginning and end of our days and marks the passing of time.

The word sol is the latin name for sun. I love that the sun is the way we track our days. As it rises and sets, our days begin and end. We can do nothing to stop, start or slow down the sun. We live by it’s rhythm. Everybody has the same amount of time given to them each day no matter your status and position in life. As we plan our days, may we do so with the knowledge that our days are numbered, each day is an opportunity, and time is a resource that God has entrusted us with. What will we do with it?

And I won’t deny that I was also drawn to the word sol because it not only represents LIGHT but it also conveniently reflects my initials (SarahO’Brien Light). How great is that?!

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