"to be fully present when around other people"

"reflecting on, and experiencing another's feelings"

"placing a high value on the closeness of relationships, especially family"

"to have a safe place or relationship where I experience protection"


What does this mean for planning?

If possible, work in an environment where other people are around (at a coffee shop with a friend or in an office where other people are working as well).

You will at times need to schedule a timeblock to get focused work done alone, but schedule a hangout with a friend afterwards or call a friend on the way home as motivation to get the important work done.


A lot of people who value connection also value predictability in their relationships. If this is you, schedule routines into your planner (such as dinner every night at 6 with your family, or donuts with the kids every Sunday after church.


Similar values: Compassion, diversity, empathy, family, generosity, kindness.


Want to see this in action? I'll email you a video to show you how I practically live this out in my planner. Be sure to open the email I just sent you.


What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most: one of the weekly reflection questions asks, "what brought me the most joy this week?" For you that most likely that will include another person in your life. You'll love this space to record memories with people you enjoy.