"cultivates harmony & stability"

"appreciative of the positive aspects of self, others and life"

"able to come up with win-win situations"

"a most loyal friend"


What does this mean for planning?


You don't need a lot of fanfare in your day to day activities. The tasks that allow you to use your skills & strengths are your wheelhouse so stick with those as much as possible and you'll feel stable and strong.


You are most likely a natural helper and easy to collaborate with. Make sure you schedule time to work on your goals. Invest in your unique gifts. You don't need a lot of time, a little progress every day adds up through the year and will allow others to experience the results of your unique strengths.


Schedule in times for MARGIN. An overcrammed schedule causes stress, puts you into reactive mode and prevents you from being proactive. Margin gives you a beautiful balance between work and play and gives you the freedom to say yes to opportunities that are valuable to you.


Predictable routines that help build healthy habits will also help you thrive.


Similar values: collaboration, gratitude, loyalty, security, humility.



What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most:

The Guiding Values worksheet at the beginning of the planner. The space to record things you're grateful for as well as the different places for a variety of habit tracking.