"to be dedicated, giving my best effort"

"to be orderly and organized. Efficient."

"to be energized by generating and completing tasks"

"to feel responsible and accountable for my actions"


What does this mean for planning?


When you feel overwhelmed, take out your planner or a piece of paper and write down everything on your mind. You must clear the brain clutter.


Although you're most likely skilled enough to find a way to fit all the things into your schedule, take a step back and prioritize your list and eliminate what's not important.


I encourage you to avoid tackling the easiest task first just to get the checkmark and go for the most important.


The time you spend reflecting on what's most important to you in this season will support you to make better decisions based on what's most valuable and important, not just to get something done but to grow in the direction you desire.


Don't forget the journey is just as important as the end destination, if not more-so.


Similar values: Productivity, responsibility, security, tradition, hard work.



What feature of the Sol Planner you'll love most:

The monthly and weekly layout will be a well loved tool to help you organize all that you have going on. You'll also appreciate the flow of the planner and the structure it brings to goal setting.