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Tips for using Sol Planner for home based business

Tips For Using The Sol Planner in a Home Based Business

"You are where you are because of who you were but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be." -Hal Elrod

Ain't that the truth?! When you're running a business in the direct sales industry who you are becoming and the quality of your character is paramount. To grow as a person at the rate of success you want to see in your business takes a whole other level of intention. 

It's one of the things I love most about this profession, it's understood that every day counts. Since Mary Kay is my main source of income and what originally drove me to create a planner, I wanted to share how I use this version of the planner specifically for my business. There are some very specific things a consultant or a director needs in her planner and although at first glance the first edition of the Sol Planner looks like just a weekly planner, I want to share some tips for my #bossbabes out there who need a tool to help them be intentional not just with their time, but who to spend that time developing.

2021 sol planner home based business

Let's start with the spread that is a blank grid on the left and the brain dump page on the right. I've used the grid to do story boards when I'm taking notes during a conference call or webinar, I also always have it open at my weekly meeting when I'm training to write down people's questions, and finally I write a lot of notes in this space during coaching calls with my consultants.

I think most of you know how to brain dump, so let's look at the top 3 priorities. This can be a game changer if you take the time to choose your top 3 AND decide to spend the majority of your time on those 3 things only. Take the time to look at your list of to dos and strategize what 3 areas or tasks would make the most impact towards your goals.

2021 planners home based business

Ok so here is the left side of the week at a glance spread. In the planner it says "Ideas" with space to write below. That is my secret spot to really write down my "New & Few." These are the top 20% of your organization that is producing 80% of your unit's growth if you are a director. I also write down New Consultants here since they need extra TLC. Occasionally I write down a key friend in that space who I want to remember to pray for all week and let her know I'm thinking about her. And of course the daily to-do list on top. In the Mary Kay world we call that the "6 most" list. 

2021 Sol planner home based business

The image explains what these sections are used for. The only thing to add is how much I love the reflection questions at the end of the week. It's tucked into the corner, intended for you to answer the questions at the end of your week or before you begin your brain dump for the next week. The power of open ended self-coaching questions!! Life changing.

I would love to hear what other pieces of tracking you absolutely need in your planner. I'm open to suggestions for the next version. I pray this tool serves you to "number your days that you may gain a heart of wisdom." (psalm 90:2).

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