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How It Began


Through my experience in direct sales one of the wonderful gifts I have received is the real-life lessons on time managment. It takes discipline and lots of intention to move your day forward and to move your business forward. I became very aware of what could be done in 30 minutes and what a gift it is to choose how I spend my time. 

2021 Sol Planners for Entrepreneurs

I was a regular at FedEx Kinkos because of how many planner sheets I'm always printing off and trying. Each round of new planners helped me figure out what I needed and what was a distraction. I figured that someday someone would figure out how to make a planner that served someone who was really busy and I kept my eye out for it.


After waiting many years, in 2017 I decided I'll just do it. Every single personality assessment I have ever taken has VERY HIGH DETAIL AND TASK ORIENTED shouting from it and pointing right at me. So this ended up being the perfect project. After my 3 kids went to bed, if I didn't have plans I would get my computer out, make a snack and create a page. I loved every second. Seriously. I had to MAKE myself go to bed. 

If I end up being the only person to ever use it, I am ok with that. It's exactly what I need to move forward each day with intention and purpose.

Sarah Light
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