f.a.q.' s

What does pre-order mean?

When you place your order, it will be sent at a later date as soon as the big order is placed with the printer. This is because the cost of ordering each planner on demand would make it 10x (that is not even a little exaggeration) more expensive. I want to be totally honest and share that I do have a minimum number of planners I need to sell in order for the printer to fulfill the order.

What if you don't sell enough for the printer to fulfill the order?

That would be very sad and I would be surprised. However if that does happen everyone will be refunded their money as soon as we find that out (around November 19).

What if my planner arrives damaged?

You may exchange a damaged planner for a new one. Please see the Policies page for more details.

How do I use my planner?

There is a page of instructions in the planner and you will receive a support email with a video filled with tips as soon as the planner is shipped and on it's way to you.

Will I receive my planner by the first of the New Year?

Planners will be ordered on November 19th. They will be printed and then sent out for delivery to me around Dec 1. I will do *everything* and I mean EVERYTHING, in my power to get these into your lovely hands by Jan 1. By Dec. 25 would be my Christmas wish come true.