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Hi I'm Sarah

"The difference between a business and a hobby is that a business is for others." -Cathy Heller

I remember where I was standing in my living room when I had to make the decision to keep my planner as a personal hobby, or take the step of faith and share it with others. Once it started serving other people I knew it was a business.

This is my third year growing Sol Planners and I LOVE helping women live in their strengths and helping them become great stewards of their resource of time. With 4 small kids, a part time job, and a husband who runs a ministry, I literally have 4 hours a week to spend on this business. I have learned a lot about spending my time wisely and I love helping other women do the same.

It's my personal belief that when we are good stewards of our time, we have more of our best selves to offer other people, the ability to say yes to opportunities that matter, and we are more likely to invest in our skills and strengths so we grow. My dream is that when God roams the earth looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Him (2 Chron 16:9) that instead of seeing overcommitted busybodies, my dream is that He sees US. With eyes open and ears available to hear what He has for us.

My goal is for 1,000 women to use a Sol Planner this year. I'm very confident that when this tool is utilized, growth WILL occur. I can't wait to see what comes.


2021 planners

-Sarah from Sol Planners


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